My VIDEO-EDITING and GAMING PC is a BEAST! Intel i7 8700K @5.2GHZ| ASUS Maximus Hero X | GTX 1080TI

My overclocked Intel i7 8700K PC build review video! $2500 of components in this build, is it worth the money? lets find out…

The processor is overclocked to 5.2 GHZ (1.32v) and runs very stable*! I have done a few benchmarks, you can find them at 8:24 min.
*Update, after using it for a longer period I noticed some instability, so downgraded the 8700k to 5.1GHZ. Now it runs very smooth and stable!

Component list:
Motherbord Asus MAXIMUS X HERO
Processor Intel Core i7 8700K
Cooler be quiet! CPU Cooler Dark Rock Pro 3
Case NZXT S340 ELITE – Matte Black
M.2 Samsung SSD 960 PRO 512GB
PSU EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G2 750W
Casefan Corsair ML140 2 Pack
Memory G.Skill Trident Z 32GB DDR4 3200MHz
Videocard Asus Strix 1080TI

Overclock guide for Intel i7 8700K:

Music used in this video:

This video is made with Adobe Premiere Pro CC (

Microphone used for my voiceover: Rode NT USB (

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