Did you know that you do not have to spend $1000-$2000 on laptop capable of video editing? Yes, you can get one for less than $1000 as well. And if you are a beginner why would you want to spend thousands of dollars so early isn’t it? Well, here’s a list of the best budget laptops  for video editing that should get the job done.

Before we start our list of recommended laptops, please note that 8GB’s of RAM is NOT the best option for editing inside Adobe Premiere Pro. It will mostly work fine for basic tasks, but more advanced editing should not be done with less than 16GB of memory. On the hardware requirements page of Adobe you’ll find that 16GB is the minimum.  The more lightweight editing tools like Adobe Premiere Rush, Shotcut and Filmora work fine with 8GB RAM.

#1: ASUS ZenBook UX330UA-AH5Q

With an 8th Generation i7 processor and 8GB RAM at the forefront, the ZenBook can handle the most ardent of video-editing tasks (it’s an absolute beast).

Asus Zenbook

The main advantage the Zenbook has over other Windows laptops on the list is the 10-12-hour battery life. Also,the aluminum build gives it excellent durability (this bad boy will last you for years).

The 128GB SSD guarantees you faster boot, loading etc. But that’s not enough space right. For that, the Zenbook also features a 1TB HDD (now that’s a winning combo).

Secondly, the Zenbook also features multiple USB 3.0 ports for high-speed file transfer (so it doesn’t take you hours to backup important files). Plus, the 802.11.a wireless network type keeps you connected to the internet at the highest possible speeds.

Lastly, 14-inch Full-HD display gives you supreme clarity. So if you are looking for long battery life and durability, the Zenbook at around $1000 is worth every penny. The high-end features of the Zenbook make it the ideal pick in case you plan to edit 4k videos as well.

#2: Apple MacBook Air MD711LL

Who doesn’t love an Apple in their gear, isn’t it? And while you are most likely to be priced out from a MacBookPro, the Air should do the trick perfectly well at less than $1000.

Apple Macbook Air

For this, the laptop is powered by an i5 Dual-Core Processor which in tandem with the 8GB RAM creates a seamless working environment even if you are multi-tasking.

The 128GB SSD gives you both the space to store all your videos and ensures quick boot time, lower load time etc. And in case you need more space, there is always the cloud storage you can turn to.

Even with all that power, the Air gives you a batter life of 10-12 hours which is plenty for an uninterrupted day of working. It is also super light and compactly designed (easily fits into any backpack) allowing you to work from the beach, your favorite coffee shop etc.

The Full-HD display is crystal clear so will never miss out on the details. And lastly, it also features Thunderbolt2 and USB 3.0 ports for data transfer and lightning fast speeds.

#3: Acer Aspire E15 (Value for Money pick)

You would be surprised that features Acer has been able to pack into the Aspire E15 at less than $600 (the cheapest on the list).

Acer Aspire E15

To begin with, the 8th Generation i5 Processor and 8GB RAM perform just as well as you would expect from a top-notch laptop providing you both the speed and the power to multi-task on the go.

Their 15.6-inch Full-HD display makes not just video editing but also playing games, watching movies, designing etc. a lot easier by providing you with a sharp display.

Also, depending on your usage the battery can last anywhere between 8-10 hours which, to say the least, is pretty good for a laptop this cheap.

And for the icing on the cake, there is also the NVIDIA GeForce MX150 with a 2GB dedicated RAM. This will boost rendering time, now don’t tell me that is not a dream come true.

On the downside, the only real issue with the laptop is its durability. It will require regular maintenance and repair.

Also, I would have loved a little more disk space but you can always back things up in an external drive. But all that aside, for less than $550, it hardly gets any cheaper.       

#4: ASUS VivoBook Thin and Lightweight Laptop

Asus VivoBook

For video editing, you would want powerful processor and enough memory so you can multi-task without hitches.This is just what the VivoBook delivers with an 8th generation i5 processor and 8GB DDR4 RAM.

The 15.6-inch Full-HD display is one of the biggest displays you can expect from a budget laptop but that’s not all.It is also ultra clear and sharp ensuring no detail ever goes unnoticed.

But one of the standout features of the Vivobook has to be the combination of the 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD which makeit the perfect combination of speed and space (trust me, you will never run out of both).

Apart from that, it also has USB 3.0 Ports for quick data transfers. Plus, the compact design and low weight make the laptop an ideal travel partner.

For all its high-end features the low battery life of the laptop can be a little annoying (needs charging every 4-5 hours).

Also, it isn’t the most durable laptop on the but considering it will cost you less than $650, it is still a bargain (just handle it with care).

#5: HP 14-inch Pavilion Notebook

HP Pavilion

Last but not the least in the list of Best Budget Laptops comes the HP Pavilion Notebook and it perfectly combines cost-effectiveness and good performance.

It’s another laptop with a 7th generation i5 processor and an 8GB RAM and by now I am guessing you know that is plenty of power and memory for light to medium video editing.

The 14-inch display of the laptop is full-HD and perfect for editing even 4k videos (or for that small PUBG/Fortnite breaks, we all deserve once in a while)

You need space to store all these videos too and that is just what you get with the 1TB SATA Hard Drive. But the main drawback of this drive is that it is slower when compared to an SSD.

And lastly, it has only single USB3.0 ports unlike some the other picks but yeah, it does allow for quicker file-transfers.


Yes, these laptops cannot match the capabilities of high-end videoediting laptops like the latest MacBook Pro but as I said above, not everybody needs it. Until and unless you are already a professional video editor, any of the above-mentioned laptops should serve you well at almost half the price.

This post contains some affiliate links, which means that if you make a  purchase through one of my links I may earn a small commission – at no extra cost to you. Thanks a billion!


5 Best Budget Laptops for Video Editing 2019

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