4 MUST KNOW creative MASKING Techniques for Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Masking

In the Premiere Pro tutorial video related to this article I will show you 4 basic but creative ways to use Premiere Pro Masking Techniques. The 4 examples are explained step by step in this video, a must know for every video editor!

Timestamps for the Premiere Pro Masking video:

01:17 – Remove unwanted object with masking
02:16 – Target or isolate an effect to a portion of the clip with masking
03:55 – Combining clips with masking
05:21 – Transition with masking

What is Masking?

Masking is one of the basic functionalities powerful and an essential part of any editor’s tool kit. Premiere Pro masking enables you to be more creative in your editing.

Masking premiere pro

A. Ellipse shape tool B. Rectangle shape tool C. Pen tool

With the above mentioned tools you can select or isolate a part of the video. Create a free-form shape using the Pen tool, with this powerful tools you can draw a mask selection into any shape you like. The edge of the mask can be a hard cut or you could also feather the edges to make it blend in more. You can apply effects either inside or outside the masked area.

In most scenarios you will have a subject that is moving across the frame. In that case you can use the tracking functionality. Premiere is pretty good in tracking faces for example. The masking will automatically be re-positioned if you use the tracking functionality. Also explained in more detail in this YouTube video.

Premiere Pro Masking Techniques could for example

  • Combine clips
  • Remove unwanted objects
  • Transition between clips
  • Target an effect to a specific area of you clip (Blur faces for example)

I know…  it’s kinda cryptic, just watch the Premiere Pro tutorial video with the 4 examples and you’ll will understand what I just wrote down.

4 MUST KNOW creative MASKING Techniques for Premiere Pro

If you want to read more about masking, check the Premiere Pro Masking page on the Adobe website. And much much more basics can be found in this related article.

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The microphone that I used to record voiceover: Rode NT USB Also, If you want to know how to improve your voice over quality, check this tutorial video. And check this article if you want to repair your audio really quick and easy with a one knob plugin.

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