Quick AUDIO REPAIR in Premiere with Accusonus ERA BUNDLE plugins

Do you need a QUICK! Audio repair in Premiere Pro?

Yes this is posible! Rrepair your audio and remove background noise or room echo in a few simple clicks with the Accusonus Era Plugin Bundle. In this video I will review the Noise remover, Reverb remover, De-esser and Plosive remover from Accusonus.

More info here:

Almost all the clips, photos and text effects that I used in this video are from my unlimited source with hundred-thousands quality assets:
Envato Elements – https://1.envato.market/c/1198442/298927/4662

00:00 intro to Era Bundle
01:45 Import and activate in Premiere
04:13 Noise Remover test
06:01 Reverb (echo) remover test
07:51 De-esser test
09:21 Plosive remover test
10:28 Conclusion

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The microphone that I used to record voiceover: Rode NT USB Also, If you want to know how to improve your voice over quality, check this tutorial video.

Music used in the quick audio repair in premiere video http://bit.ly/2wvIZnR


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