Finding the best royalty free music sites can be a challenge when there are so many to choose from. Different websites offer distinct stock music functionalities, licensing options, and music experience. Outside of finding a site with loads of high-quality tracks, you may also want to make sure your pick comes at the right price.

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So, which music site should you choose in the end? This blog outlines how stock music saves you money and keeps your budget on track. Each offers a unique service, but they will all help you create the best content while saving your music budget.

Why is Royalty-Free Music Easy on Your Wallet?

Before we get to the cost-saving benefits of royalty free music, let’s just clear one thing up. Royalty-free music is a confusing term! For starters, it usually isn’t entirely “free,” as the name suggests, but is free of ongoing royalty payments. This is an important distinction because it means you only have to pay once for the rights to use a song.

When selecting music, creators may be tempted to use copyright based music. If you get caught (and are lucky), you might only receive a notice to take your video down or have it removed by the platform. But if your less fortunate, you might find yourself in a sea of legal issues for which counsel may be needed to avoid copyright infringement and lawsuits. These costs add up quickly and can seriously eat into your budget (and margins)!

How is royalty free music avoid these swelling costs and potential penalties? First of all, one benefit is that your margins won’t be impacted by ongoing royalty payments, whether you have 1,000 or 10,0000 views on your project. Additionally, you don’t have to stress about complicated license agreements, expensive legal counsel, or calculating other cost factors.

Royalty-free music makes your return on investment much easier to realize and anticipate for each project!

Saving Time And Money With Every Click

Okay, so royalty free music helps keep your “hard” budget in check, but what about some other latent expenses?

Time and money go hand in hand. An important part of being successful is reducing the amount of time required to do a job. With so much to look through online, a lot of time can be wasted trying to find the right music online. Let’s be honest, we all know there is a lot of garbage on the web, so it’s important to search effectively and avoid lengthy licensing negotiations. If you think of each click as an opportunity to save cash, then product selection efficiency should be a priority.

As a creator, you have to consider your bottom line, but you also want your content to perform well! But balancing budget and quality can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are thousands of royalty free music tracks made by talented composers and engineers available at reasonable rates. With a few reliable, go-to sites on hand, you’ll spend less time searching for the perfect track, and more time editing your production.

The Cost Breakdown

Most royalty-free music is priced per track or by a subscription-based fee.

An average track will range from approximately $5 to $100, but rates can also get into the hundreds. If you charge your clients directly for all of the expenses in a project, this per track rate might be easier for you to account for. Or, if you tend to work on the same types of projects — that could share similar musical selections — you may only need to purchase a few tracks that you use regularly. Please do keep in mind that some licenses are granted on a per project basis though!

Alternatively, you might find that a subscription-based model is a better fit for your business. If you need to download several to hundreds of musical options per month, you’ll likely find that a monthly subscription is more economical for you. Most sites offer unlimited downloads at $15 to $50 per month (with price breaks available if you pay for an annual membership up front).  


We all know music is a vital component to every video. Its power to add value and emotion cannot be understated. Everyone wants a great soundtrack to match their content, but doing this on a budget can be challenging.

Now that you know all about royalty-free music, you’ll be able to get a higher return on your investment or improve margins on your creative works. Whether you are creating content for a YouTube channel or have an in-house marketing team working on product videos, these cost savings tips will help you keep your budget in check.  

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How Stock Music Can Save Your Budget

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